Josab’s ecological water treatment plant is providing versatile mechanical water purification method and disinfection for a variety of applications in the most extreme conditions.

Josab International develops and supplies water treatment systems for a number of application areas such as green house facilities and production of bottled water. The focus is to produce systems that purify polluted water so that it can be used as drinking water.

Used in a variety of applications

Josab ecological water treatment plant can be used in a variety of applications such as;

• Drinking water
• Maritime systems
• Irrigation systems
• Waste water purification
• Fish farming
• Swimming pools
• Process water etc.

Josab worldwide
Josab International AB, founded in 1999, is a listed company with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The company has subsidiaries in India, Africa and Hungary and has installed water purification plants in Asia, Africa and Europe. Josab ecological water purification plants are recommended by several international bodies.


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