Clean Oil Technology develops and markets patented environmental technology for continuous purification of lubricants and hydraulic oils during operation of the engine and hydraulic system.

Clean Oil Technology AB (COT) helps its business partners to offer their customers longer service intervals, major environmental benefits and better economical operation with the COT Oil Refiner System ™.

Why COT Oil Refiner System?
To clean the oil and allow for safe operation of motors oil filters are used, which however do not manage to clean the oil from the very tiny particles. Even if the oil is regularly changed waste products remain in the system which means that the new oil is quickly contaminated again.

Constantly clean oil
COT has developed a patented solution for continuous purification of oil during operation. The system is installed as a by-pass flow and operates in parallel with the regular filter. The oil passes both a particulate filter that removes even very small solid contaminants, and an evaporator unit that separates liquid contaminants. The result is always pure oil, lower fuel consumption and less engine wear.


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