Applied Nano Surfaces (ANS) offers innovative solutions for friction and wear reduction. The uniqueness of our technology is the great improvements and performance of the treated components in combination with a technology that is easily implemented in existing production processes.

We have two core offerings, the ANS Triboconditioning® and the ANS Tricolit®.
ANS Triboconditioning® is a mechanochemical surface treatment method process that is used to reduce frictional losses and wear on various steel and cast iron surfaces.

ANS Tricolit® is a sprayable solution that is heat cured into a hard coating, resulting in reduced frictional losses and wear on various surfaces. It is a versatile product that can be used alone or in combination with other coatings in order to optimize the characteristics of the material.
We have a license based business model, and our clients are component manufacturers that have implemented our technology in their manufacturing processes. By doing so, they can add value to their clients by delivering improved properties in terms of reduced friction and wear, all at a competitive price.

Advantages with our technology:
Friction reduction
Reduced wear
Standard machines can be used (e.g. honing, grinding, super finishing, CNC machines etc.)

We also offer professional services to support our clients in their effort to improve their products from a tribological perspective. We have the experience, know-how and equipment to recommend the best possible solutions to our clients.


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