In every building and construction in which a healthy and sustainable environment matters, Parans’ solutions deliver unique values. Parans offers a way to create a pleasant and energy efficient indoor environment by allowing sunlight to enter buildings through fiber optics. Parans Solar Lighting AB (publ), which developed the technology, is addressed primarily to property owners, architects and larger employers worldwide through distributors.

Leads sunlight into the building
The Parans system (SP4) is available in five different sizes. The sun collector, which is mounted on the roof, consists of lenses that focus and concentrate sunlight into low intrusion fiber optic cables. The cables are customized and lead the sunlight deep into the building and far away from windows- up to 100 meters, which is approximately 30 floors, from the roof top. Indoors the light is spread via different luminaires and ways. Everyone is to enjoy the natural daylight.

The natural light makes people more comfortable and increase the productivity, something that is supported by research, and it is at the same time an environmentally efficient way of illuminating indoor environments. By using the sun as a light source during the day, lots of energy can be saved. Since the IR and UV is filtered out, there is less heat gain and less need for HVAC.

Application areas
The system is suitable for a number of areas such as:
– Office
– Health Care
– Education
– Retail
– Industrial
– Infrastructure (tunnels)


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