Swedish Exergy’s technologies transform waste to energy.

Our technologies minimize energy usage in all industry sectors and help produce renewable energy in form of bio-mass, bio-fuels, next generation ethanol and methanol, green diesel, waste to clean energy projects like sludge and household waste to green energy.

Our technologies can be used in multiple sectors such as; production of pellets, clean coal/lignite/peat, municipal sludge and other forms of sludge, CHP plant conversion from coal to biomass, Sugar industry (grain/molasses based distilleries, sugar cane mills etc.), tea drying and other various agro/food products, pulp mills are few of many industries where our technologies can be used.

Industry Wide Benefits with our technologies:
• Energy efficient technology
• Low emission to atmosphere
• Small footprint
• Sterilized and non-oxidised products
• Low maintenance and running costs
• Long plant life cycle and fast return on investment
• Up to 99.9% dryness achieved

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