Sustainable Construction

Double benefit of plants in urban settings

The Swedish company Veg Tech is showing that trees, plants and bushes are much more than just a beautiful feature in an urban environment. Plants can actually be used to clean the air, save energy, reduce noise and manage surface water.
Energy Efficiency

Breakthrough technology for fluorescent lighting

Lighting costs for companies can be substantial. They may include shedding light on facilities like parking garages, warehouses, factories, stations, airports, greenhouses, or other premises where the lamps are lit most of the day.
Sustainable Transportation

Swedish electric vehicle innovation in Asia

Zbee is an electric-powered, three-wheel urban vehicle developed by the Swedish company Clean Motion. Its market is first and foremost not Sweden but the congested streets of Asia's mega-cities.
Resources and Environment

Less nitrogen leaching with new plant fertilizer

Swetree Technologies is a company which, in close cooperation with Swedish universities, has developed a new type of fertilizer based on the amino acid arginine instead of ammonium and nitrate, which are normally used in plant fertilizer.
Sustainable Materials

Organotex to be produced on the Asian market

Organoclick and the textile manufacturer Chang-Ho Fibre have entered a collaboration to provide fluorocarbon free water repellent functional fabrics on the Asian textile market.
Renewable Energy

Bright future for new solar technology

By concentrating sunlight, solar energy can be made both cheaper and more efficient. The Swedish company Absolicon Solar Concentrator AB in Härnösand has developed new technology featuring concentrating reflectors that produce electricity, heat and hot water.
Water and Wastewater

A natural way to safe and hot water

Solvatten is a portable 10 litre container that is harnessing sunshine to heat and treat water at household level. Put Solvatten in a sunny place, expose it for 2-6 hours and the water will be drinkable.
Recycling and Waste

Plasma process can halve carbon emissions

Scanarc Plasma Technologies, a Swedish company, has a new method for the production of hot metal. The methodis called Ironarc and are based on plasma technology and produces about half Read more…