We repair leaks in and protect concrete constructions within the Stockholm area. Our work is carried out with osmotic crystallization, which is a faster and more cost-efficient alternative to traditional drainage.

Water does not just penetrate through walls, 95% also gathers up in floors. Traditional draining can cost both a lot of time and money, and will not give full protection for the future since moisture still can rise capillaryly through the bottom plate.

If the foundation is made of concrete, we can help you seal the leak from inside or outside. The moisture in both walls and floors can be evaporated permanently, this eliminates the risk of mould and unpleasant odours. When concrete is treated this way, even with remaining chlorides, all corrosion stops in the absence of water.

Crystallization is the most cost-efficient sealing method because it does not require maintenance, this compared to any other mechanical solutions which will take expensive upkeep and unwanted downtime.


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