PantaPåsen is exactly as it sounds. A solution for plastic bags. PantaPåsen wants to reduce the number of plastic bags that end up in the garbage and in the environment by giving the bag a value in monetary terms in the form of a pledge/deposit - just like empty bottles and beer cans. This gives the consumer an incentive to recycle plastic bag.

PantaPåsen has developed its own deposit system and offers stores a service to connect their existing plastic bags to a deposit system. In this way, the stores continue to offer its customers a free bag, but now also take responsibility for the plastic bag after leaving the store.

To create a deposit system is simpler than it sounds. There is already a habitual behavior to visit deposit stations. PantaPåsen only reinforces this behavior by giving incentives to actually visit the deposit station.

PantaPåsen takes care of everything - the collection, sorting, disbursement and recovery.


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