Jeff Electronics

Jeff Electronics develop and manufacture solutions for control systems and are today a well-known actor in the business and have received several awards for their products.

The company's core areas of expertize are development of control systems for heat pumps, property automation for historical building as well as services in heating systems, programming, SCADA-systems and more.

The company's systems reduce energy consumption, simplify maintenance administration and streamlines current heating systems.

The latest product CC V Pro® is a standardized yet flexible control system for residential buildings and apartments suitable to all heat pumps with water-borne heating system.

The company have also developed CC Fastighet®, a cost effective and reliable solution for commercial apartments and apartment blocks.

Among these Jeff Electronics also have products specifically developed for culture buildings; CC Kyrka® for controlling heat and humidity in churches and CC K-märkt® for climate control in castles and mansions.


Varbergsgatan 2c
412 65 Göteborg