Grace Organic AB

What Grace Organic do:

 “We offer tools and solutions to reduce food waste and at the same time improve communication to employees, students, visitors and organizations"

The Natural Technology for Organic Waste Solutions offer Food Waste Control and Food Waste Solutions such as Plate Waste Tracker, Food Waste Tracker, Customer Survey Tracker, Food Waste Master and Family Food Waste Master

Your Organic Waste • an unused resource

Convert your organic waste on-site into an ecological fertilizer which can be used or sold with a profit. Using the Food Waste Master to handle your organic waste at the source of its generation is a sustainable investment in your organization and for the environment.

Reduce Food Waste • increase your profit

Food Waste Tracker shows the “what, where and why” of food waste, increases staff awareness and substantially reduces the purchases. Plate Waste Tracker increases the awareness of people in self-service restaurants and substantially reduces the food scraps.


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