Energeotek AB

Energeotek is the Swedish system technology provider and market company offering the state-of-the-art geothermal renewable energy system solution NxGeo (Next Generation Geothermal Energy Solutions)
NxGeo offers conversion of geothermal heat to heating, cooling, electricity and cascade based energy products.

NxGeo opens new market perspectives for global establishments of renewable, clean and cost-effective base load energy for cities, communities and industries all over the globe.
Client segments for NxGeo include municipalities, cities, utility and energy companies, large real estate owners and the new market players in the renewable energy markets.
The NxGeo-system is numerously internationally awarded for its capabilities and performance to play a major role in the renewable energy and society transformation. The European Union via InnoEnergy has named NxGeo as "the missing fourth leg on Europe's strategic renewable energy portfolio" and supports cities looking to deploy NxGeo.


Gammelbackavägen 4b
69151 Karlskoga