ED Biogas

ED Biogas has a proprietary patent pending biogas reactor, based on new thermophilic technology.

The reactor is built as a plug flow reactor "MR". The size is scalable to suit users from municipal wastewater treatment plants, food industry to farming livestock.

MR is designed for small-scale production of biogas. The energy that can be extracted in the form of biogas can be locally converted into electricity and thermal energy for use in its own facility.

In the reactor, organic matter is converted into biogas. The process takes about 10-12 days and takes place in the thermophilic range between 50 ° C and 60 ° C. Many different types of organic materials are suitable for the treatment of MR: municipal sludge, waste products from the fish industry, food scraps from restaurants, process water from the food industry, manure from livestock, etc.


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