Water and wastewater solutions for the future

Wastewatertreatment plant, Oslo, Norway. Photo: Purac

High-efficiency systems for water and wastewater treatment and for biogas production. Sweden’s Purac is at the forefront of efforts to tackle two of the prime challenges faced by society today, clean water and energy for both people and industry.

Purac is a part of the Läckeby Water Group, an independent, privately owned Swedish group. The company’s core business idea is the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater and the production of renewable energy through the conversion of waste and residual products into biogas. The company’s installations are currently to be found in some 70 countries worldwide.

The whole chain

Carefully developed process engineering adapted to the needs and overall economy of each individual site is what makes Purac a market leader in its field, the company says. Products and services extend throughout the chain from idea and planning to operation and maintenance of entire plants.

To date, Purac has completed more than 4 000 contracts, primarily in Europe and Asia.The contracting business unites the company’s know-how regarding processes, design and contracting with its internally developed and licensed technologies for increased efficiency and more  economical operation.Purac uses methods that it says are capable of reducing floor-space needs and operating costs by up to 50 per cent.

Success factors

Purac has long experience of systems for water and wastewater plant in both Sweden and the outside world. The industry norms and standards established early on in Sweden helped bring Swedish environmental technology well to the fore in the international arena.

Purac has for instance undertaken a number of projects in China, Sri Lanka and Russia, funded by Sida.The company has long been an established and successful actor in China, while India and Russia are viewed as interesting but challenging markets.

Russia’s relatively complicated business structure sets limits for what, by international standards, comparatively small companies like Purac can achieve.

In India today, demand for water and wastewater treatment is still largely being met by domestic companies.

Expansion opportunities

The market may pose challenges, but growing needs suggest there is room for expansion. Demand for clean water and energy continues to rise all over the world.

– Even quite wealthy countries like Sweden and other developed nations face constant deterioration in their raw water quality, which means waterworks will have to be expanded, says Division Director Jonas Fack.

Given the rising pace of population growth and urbanisation, the need for wastewater treatment looks likely to increase dramatically. At the same time, global energy needs are perpetually increasing.

– The production of biogas from things like refuse and waste, sludge from treatment plants and industrial wastewater gives you green, renewable energy while at the same waste is being turned into something beneficial instead of being a burden on society, says Jonas Fack.

– Here, Purac can help create a better world.

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