Mobile ozone technology stops harmful chemicals

Picture of Primozone's mobile ozone system.

Pharmaceutical residue that is carried by wastewater out to sea is a big problem all over the world. A pilot project has reduced the amount of drugs in the wastewater with an ozone system designed by Primozone.

The fact that you can reduce the amount of pharmaceutical residues in water by using ozone has already been established in a large number of studies. However, different wastewater treatment plants have different conditions due to their size, population structure, the surrounding environment and the sewage treatment technologies deployed.

In order to obtain as broad a picture as possible of the ozone dose required to remove pharmaceutical residues under different sets of conditions, the technology is being tested at ten different wastewater treatment plants in southern Sweden with Primozone's mobile ozone system.

Ozone system targeting pharmaceuticals

The reason for targeting pharmaceuticals in particular is that large proportions of these substances pass through the body and end up in the wastewater treatment plant via urine, and come out on the other side without any significant reduction.

Among other things, it has been shown that fish can become hermaphrodite if they swim in water containing residues of birth control pills. According to scientists, it is only a matter of time before we begin to see the consequences among humans.

Ozone makes drug substances harmless

The mobile pilot facility was designed by Primozone, which manufactures high-tech ozone generators and ozone systems for wastewater treatment. The ozone breaks down the toxic drug substances, rendering them harmless.

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