Great potential for green chemistry in India

Picture from one of Winova's factories.

Growth of bacteria in the water and on surfaces creates significant problems worldwide. This has resulted in different approaches to bacterial control, such as ozone treatment, irradiation with UV light, and the use of chemicals.

Chemicals kill bacteria and other microorganisms, or inhibit their growth. The efficiency is usually good, but there is a risk of a negative impact on the environment and human health.

"The intention was to develop and commercialize antibacterial products with as little environmental impact as possible", says Philip Wilhelmsson, a biochemist and microbiologist, founded Winova in 2006 as a family business.

Hygiene of Sweden in India

“Our first focus was on gentle chemical methods for water treatment in industrial systems to prevent the growth of microorganisms in the water in cooling towers. It turned out that the same technology can be used for disinfecting hands and surfaces, and we therefore developed a range of consumer products and products for hospitals and medical clinics. Consumer products we gather under the brand Hygiene of Sweden and we have now established ourselves in India”, says Wilhelmsson.

A new way to treat water

“If we look at water treatment, Winova’s antibacterial product is quite unique. It acts as a biocide but has very different properties from an environmental standpoint than traditional biocides”, notes Philip Wilhelmsson.

“The product is not classified as an environmental and human health hazard and therefore does not need to have warning symbols. It is actually allowed for use in drinking water. Another advantage is that it can be used in combination with the biocides commonly used for bacterial control in water systems. This means that the use of hazardous chemicals can be reduced.”

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