Flexiwaggon - the fully automatic railway carriage

Flexiwaggon enables more environmentally friendly, financially viable and rational transports.

Flexiwaggon is a unique solution for intermodal freight transports on
the railway and the roads in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world.

Great opportunities for intermodal transports

Flexiwaggon offers great opportunities for intermodal transports since it can combine lorries, buses, cars, containers on one and the same waggon. The necessary equipment is integrated on each waggon. Flexiwaggon can travel at speeds up to 160 km per hour.

Strongly improved passability

The weight of the waggon is the same as for existing waggons but Flexiwaggon can load 50 tonnes compared to 44 tonnes for similar solutions. The loading capacity in volume is also higher since Flexiwaggon is extremely low-bedded with the result of strongly improved passability along the rail.

Flexiwaggon AB

Flexiwaggon's product in Swedish landscape at winter.

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