Renewing old windows

Grundels insulating window are being installed.

Old windows were often built of the best, most resistant and affordable timber that could be found. Many older windows were very beautiful, but they did not insulate very well against cold and noise.

Therefore, replacing old windows with new ones with better performance should be obvious. This is done in many houses and buildings at a considerable cost to tenants, and is sometimes worse for the building’s appearance. Disruptions to the tenants during the conversion can also be significant.

Save time and money

“We have been renovating and painting windows for more than 25 years. We realized that there must be better solutions than throwing out the old windows and replacing them with new ones,” says Conny Grundel partner and founder of Grundel Window System.

One of a kind

“In the early 90s, we had jobs to improve the noise-insulating ability of windows. At the same time, energy issues became increasingly important for property owners. Our solution was to install double-glazing on the inside of the existing windows, and I think we are quite alone in the world on this particular technology. Our double-glazing is patented and manufactured in Oxelösund,” says Conny Grundel, and continues;

“The cost of installing double-glazing is about a quarter compared to buying new windows.”

So far, nearly half a million double-glazed windows have been installed in commercial and residential properties.

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