Recycled plastic become's cable protection pipes

Picture of Greenpipe's recycled pipes.

We are recycling plastics more and more to reduce both environmental impact and dependence on oil. Greenpipe manufactures cable protection pipes from recycled plastic that is largely recovered from car bumper bars.

Panzar is one of Greenpipe's many divisible cable protection pipe products of very high quality, and is approved by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

With a simple snap, each pipe locks onto the next one, which means that the pipes cannot glide away from each other. No tools are needed for assembly, and Panzar pipes are quick and easy to put together, requiring no prior training.

Higher quality class

One of the objectives for these pipes made of recycled plastic was that they would be of at least the same quality as cable protection solutions manufactured from new plastic materials. In fact, their innovative design, combined with strict control of the raw material’s origin and mix, has meant that these new environment-friendly pipes have been given a higher quality class than their competitors.

To date, over 700,000 metres of Panzar pipe have been manufactured. This means that over 400,000 scrapped bumper bars now have a new life and area of application.

Increased use of recycled plastic

The cable protection pipe is now being launched on several new markets. And production will go from 65,000 metres to 150,000 metres per year.

This means that Greenpipe's consumption of recycled plastic will increase to approximately 100,000 scrapped bumper bars per year, which is equivalent to a saving of 500,000 litres of oil or 1,000,000 kg of carbon dioxide.

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