New weed cutter aids more sustainable agriculture

Picture of Just Common Sense's weed cutter.

The demand for alternative methods for controlling weeds is great because all parties - from consumers to government agencies - want to reduce the use of pesticides in agriculture. Combcut is Just Common Sense’s solution to this problem.

Weeds are a major problem in the agricultural sector, since they significantly affect the harvest and thus profitability. Chemical spraying is often used to manage weeds, but is both costly and has environmental impacts.

Combat weeds without toxins

The weed cutter Combcut is a unique, patented machine to combat weeds using selective knives instead of toxins.

Combcut exploits the physical differences between the crop plant and the weeds such as thickness, stiffness and branching pattern. When Combcut combs its way through the crop, the finer crop plants slip through intact. Competition from the crop means that the cut or damaged weeds are retarded and find it difficult to keep growing.

Easier transition to organic farming

Weed control with Combcut is completely environment-friendly and therefore the perfect choice where other forms of weed control are not permitted or not appropriate.

Thanks to Just Common Sense’s new technology, more farmers will find it easier to transition to organic farming and a more sustainable agriculture. Even conventional growers can reduce their use of chemical spraying. Combcut is a multi-award winning product in Sweden and abroad.

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