Save energy with eGain forecasting

The Swedish company eGain is seeing growing international interest for its innovative approach to heating system management in apartment buildings, offices and hospitals.

By marrying very precise weather prognoses with stored data on a building’s particular characteristics, the eGain system is able to cut energy use by up to 15 per cent while maintaining or even improving comfort for residents.

“Heating a large building is like steering a super tanker at sea. A change in the position of the rudder takes a long time to change the ship’s course. And it can take days for the interior temperature in a building to catch up with the system setting”, explains eGain founder and CEO Thorbjörn Geiser.

Weather monitoring

In installing eGain, the company’s technicians first perform a detailed energy analysis for the subject building, including information on structural heat storage, exposure to wind, ratio of living space to outdoor façade, the amount of glass admitting sunlight at different times of day throughout the year, and more.

By comparing this analysis with a number of well-studied reference buildings, the engineers develop a comprehensive picture of how the building’s heating system will perform under various weather conditions.

Energy-saving technology

Today eGain forecasting™ is delivered to over 200,000 flats corresponding to approximately 13 million square meters of living space. In recent years the company has started up operations in several countries in Europe, most recently in Switzerland and Austria. Installations in the past year have been made in Germany, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Romania.

"We see eGain as a natural step for Swedish and European companies who are interested in a cost-effective and energy-saving technology that also helps to reduce carbon emissions", says Thorbjörn Geiser. "With today's focus on energy costs and climate change, we see that eGain has huge potential."

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