Producing heating and cooling with revolutionary technology

Graphic of Climatewell's thermal heat pump component.

Approximately one-fifth of the world's energy is spent on producing heating and cooling, a large proportion of which comes from fossil fuels. Technology from Climatewell requires no fossil fuels or electricity, and can help solve global environmental problems.

Swedish company Climatewell has developed a new technical solution: a thermal heat pump component that reduces emissions of carbon dioxide since the component does not require fossil fuels or electricity. The technology helps to reduce costs for both heating and cooling of buildings.

Climatewell - an award winner

The new technology can be used in many different applications, and currently Climatewell is focusing on developing components that can be integrated into water heaters, boilers and heat driven air conditioning in trucks and heavy vehicles.

Thanks to its unique technology, the company has won several awards, including the Technology Pioneer award from the World Economic Forum, and GE's global Ecomagination Award.

A technological breakthrough

With its latest innovation Heatboost, a component that is used to increase the energy efficiency of gas water heaters, Climatewell has achieved a technological breakthrough.

In comparison with today's conventional gas water heaters, the annual efficiency can be doubled and thus heating costs can be reduced by 50%.

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