New technology makes it easier to expand and utilise smart grids

Picture of Techinova's electricity grid system Techinode.

A smart grid is an electricity grid system that can balance supply and demand, where large-scale and small-scale electricity producers can benefit from each other. New solutions such as Techinode from Techinova are needed to be able to manage this.

In the wake of all the new types of energy, Techinova offers new and smart solutions for communication, monitoring and automation in distribution networks for electricity. Smart solutions that make electricity distribution safer, simpler, more flexible and more energy-efficient.

More complex to manage

With the variety of energy sources today, there are now considerably more points where electricity is fed into distribution networks. This also means that these networks have become more complex to manage.

Techinova's technology is not dependent on any particular form of communication, and can handle radio communication as well as IP and RAKEL/Tetra (a mobile radio communication system for security forces and emergency services in Sweden) to many points in the network simultaneously. Information such as measurements, status and so on, is sent to the customer's monitoring system, from where the nodes can be remotely controlled and monitored.

Reduces environmental impact

The Techinode system solution reduces environmental impact in several ways. Since energy sources such as solar and wind are unpredictable, conditions can vary from hour to hour.

A smarter grid can balance this variation and increase stability in the grid. And to be able to build smart grids, there must be communication that connects the grid's different parts. That is where Techinova comes into the picture.

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