Ferroamp reduces household energy cost

"Imagine that you have access to energy storage at home. On days when the sun shines, you fill up with electricity from your solar cells. At night, you replenish the energy storage from the grid when electricity prices are lowest,” says Björn Jernström.

“Our energy storage system has a host of smart features that allow the stored energy to be used during the hours of the day when purchased electricity costs the most - like when we wash, cook, watch TV or sit in front of the computer,” says Björn Jernström, President of Ferroamp Elektronik AB.

Ferroamps Smart Energy Hub

“Our product is called Smart Energy Hub and Power Conditioning is one of its features. With the help of the hub, you can use electricity when you need it most. To fry meatballs and wash clothes in the middle of the night is not suitable for most people and here we offer an interesting and environmentally sound solution,“ says Björn Jernström.

Profitable for the consumer

Sunny days yield an excess of solar energy. Consumers can now sell this excess electricity on the grid. With the Energy Hub, the excess is stored and Ferroamp has worked out the finances for an ordinary house.

“According to our calculations, selling excess energy from solar cells is equivalent to about 1 Swedish krona per kilowatt hour, but you only get around 0,35 Swedish krona per kilowatt hour when selling the surplus,” says Björn Jernström.

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