Good indoor climate is not noticeable

Graphic image of some of the buildings C.A. Östberg have provided ventilation systems to.

There are many spectacular buildings in Beijing, China. CCTV Tower and Grand Millenium Hotel is one of these and also the common denominator that the Swedish company C.A. Östberg has provided technology that provides energy-efficient ventilation and a good indoor climate.

“Since the 1980’s we have been developing various types of fans and energy recovery units and our products are available worldwide. We are among the leading manufacturers of fans and 85 per cent of our products are exported. We sell to approximately 70 countries and Asia is of course an important market for us,” says Stefan Viberg, Quality Manager at C.A. Östberg.

What then is a good indoor climate?

The indoor climate affects our health and athletic performance and impacts on the property owner’s and employer’s costs.

A good indoor climate is not noticeable but the opposite we notice quickly - for example, by poor air or that it is too hot or draughty. What characterizes a good ventilation system is that you do not really notice that air is constantly changed, the temperature is just right or it does not drag and is not too noisy.

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